Brent's Thanksgiving 3

Brent's Thanksgiving 3-Pack

$135.00 /Brent's Thanksgiving 3pack

So this year, we will be starting our sipping with our lovely 2018 Rose' of Pinot noir. Now - as you know, this is normally a wine club only offering, but we seem to have a couple of cases left over. One of the reasons I am picking this to start is it is a long day, and at only 12.9%, it is refreshing, palette cleansing, and a perfect accompaniment to the snacks meant to sustain us until the main event. Also, after you share a bottle, you won't be tipping over in the gravy before the meal even starts.


With the main meal, we will be serving our 2018 Zephyr's Block Chardonnay from our estate in the Petaluma Gap and ..... our 2014 Pinot noir - Neighbors, also from the Petaluma Gap. I truly believe that our Chardonnay has made great leaps in the last 2 years with some changes in our barrel program and our vineyard finally hitting its stride. Outstanding balanced acidity and bright fruit without being overly oaky or buttery makes it great to pair with this meal. The same holds true of the Neighbors Pinot noir. Not a meal in a cup, this is a great food wine that has lovely balance and structure  - perfect for this Thanksgiving feast.