Evan's Thanksgiving 3

Evan's Thanksgiving 3-Pack

$145.00 /Evan's Thanksgiving 3pack

As you know I have been a Pinot freak for several decades, dabbling into Syrah now and then trying to find which style appeals to me best. I think Brent and I have found sites that create fantastic expressions of locational purity. With this in mind I choose to have our 2018 Rosé of Syrah - Cloud Twelve Vineyard from the highest Syrah vineyard in the Petaluma Gap as our starter. The crisp acidity and mouthwatering jucy fruit will get us ready as the food is being prepared and will have the right clensing attributes to cut through through the cheese and paté appetizers.


Next up will be our 2016 Pinot Noir - Hillside Block from our estate vineyard on Sonoma Mountain. Starting in 2016 we changed up the barrel program to guide this wine towards more savory components that would fill-out and round out the bright citrus-cherry character. I'm thinking about the pairing with turkey and cranberries and how it will complement the mushroom stuffing. The second glass will be filled with our 2016 Summit Select Syrah, our gold medal wining wine from last year at the harvest fair. Crazy-good complexities of raspberry combined with bacon essence and a tiny whiff of Shirazy menthol on the front end almost make it a meal in itself but will really shine with all of the different side dishes.