Fogline Vineyards Wine Club

Our wine club is a great way to get access to wines you won’t find anywhere else. Many of our wines are member favorites that may never make it into our tasting room or restaurants in the area.

As a Wine Club member, you will receive automatic shipments of Fogline Vineyards wines three times per year (spring, summer, and fall releases). In addition, you will be entitled to two complimentary private tastings for a party of up to six tasters.

Members have the option to choose their wines to customize their selections or just opt for our winemaker curated selections. Two weeks prior to each shipment, we will contact you via email so you can customize your selection prior to shipment.

We also have members-only events to celebrate our new releases. These events are often the highlight of our year and offer us the chance to catch up with our members and share our new releases. They are also a great way to meet other wine lovers and share some laughs. Members enjoy complimentary access to these events.